Cal Nichols, President of NP&G Innovations, Inc.

Cal is based in Cazenovia, NY and has operated several successful
agri-businesses in the area.  In 1994 he formed Cazenovia Product
Development and successfully developed and commercialized a  livestock ear
tag identification system using a patented laser and electronic identification
process.  Cal began developing innovative rail cross ties in 2002 and NPG
Innovations was formed in 2003.   

Lucian Gilbert, Vice President of NP&G Innovations, Inc.

Lu is based in Rochester, NY and has 30 years of automation experience and
production engineering in various manufacturing environments.  Starting with
General Motors and Dyna-Mod Electronics, Lu has experience with several
companies ranging from starts-ups to senior management positions in large
companies.  He purchased a training Division of Graflex Corp.  and then joined
Alliance Tool Corp as Sales Manager of the special machine division that
designs and builds large equipment.  The business grew from $11 million to
over $125 million.  The company was subsequently sold to Gleason Works. Lu
then became VP of Marketing and Sales at Hansford Manufacturing that also
builds large specialty machinery. Their sales grew from $11 to $25 million in 5
years.  After leaving Hansford Lu started a sales representative and consulting
company called Productivity Solutions Company that was sold in 2000 where he
still offers his services.  

James A. Pike, PhD, PE, Vice President of NP&G Innovations, Inc.

Jim is based in Erie, PA and has over 30 years of engineering experience in a
variety of industries and markets including aerospace, ground transportation
and general industrial.  He has held engineering and senior management
positions at Rockwell International, United Technologies and Lord Corporation.  
He founded
Eriez Technologies, Inc. in 2003 and is currently president.  Eriez
specializes in mechanical engineering services and product development.  His
specialties include engineering processes, product development, mechanical
design and analytical methods, innovative product concepts, vibration and
motion control, thermal management, and elastomeric products.  Many of the
products developed under his charge have been commercialized, patented,
trademarked, and/or copyrighted.  He has also published on a variety of
technical topics including high powered gearing dynamics, airfoil icing, vibration
isolation, expert design systems and design methods.
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