NP&G Innovations, Inc. has developed an
environmentally friendly rail cross tie trade named
Tire-Tie™.  Patents are
issued and pending.  

This innovative cross tie concept uses reclaimed
treads from discarded car and truck tires as a key
structural embodiment of the new product.  This
avoids the need for preservative  treatments like
creosote used with traditional wood cross ties.  
Creosote has been designated as a restricted use
material by the EPA.  This limits the use of old
cross ties adding to handling and disposal costs.  
The  Tire-Tie™  is environmentally inert and fully

The Tire-Tie™ provides a second and important
use for the nearly 300 million tires discarded
annually in the US and larger quantities worldwide.

The Railway Tie Association statistics show that
over 16,000,000 new cross ties are installed
annually in the US and comparable quantities
worldwide.  Most of these are replacement ties.  
This costs the rail industry 100's of millions of
dollars yearly.  The  alternative Tire-Tie™ cross tie
will benefit the industry significantly through
enhanced life cycles, particularly in track bed
environments that are unusually severe for wood

The Tire-Tie™ is also uniquely suited for custom tie
applications beyond the standard 8.5 foot
configuration.  The Tire-Tie™ cost per foot of length
decreases with overall size, whereas, the wood tie
cost per foot significantly increases with size.  This
makes the Tire-Tie™ very economically competitive
for turnout, switch and bridge applications.
Laboratory and field testing of engineering samples have shown that the concept  meets or
exceeds the
American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association (AREMA)
guidelines for alternative cross ties and the European EN standards.

NP&G was awarded a grant in early 2005 from the
State of New York Department of
Economic Development for the continued development of the TireTire™
NPG Innovations
Helping to Sustain Planet Earth
TireTie Rail Cross Tie
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