Engineering samples of the TireTie™ cross ties were installed on a spur line of the New York Susquehanna Rail Way in
Lafayette, NY on June 14, 2004.  One tie is in a straight section of track and the others are on a 3 degree curve.  The ties
continue to hold up with
no signs of functional degradation as of Mid 2020.  At 10 years.  At 16 years.
Ties being set by a cherry picker and backhoe.
Tie being set with a tie setter.
Two ties on a 3 degree curve with standard
tie plates and rail spikes.
Mid day train rolling over the installed ties.
Test ties in late March 2005.  No signs of
degradation.  Rail spikes have held steady.
Deteriorated wood and loose rail spikes.
Discarded wood ties.
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