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July 2020: The engineering test ties have exceeded 16 years of service and continue to function.
June 2014: The engineering test ties located on the NYSWR in Lafayette, NY now have 10 years of service on them.
March 2013: NPG and RIT's Center for Integrated Manufacturing Studies complete the Tire Slitting Study funded by
a grant from the State of New York.
March 2012: NPG and RIT's Center for Integrated Manufacturing Studies issues report  "Failure Analysis and Review
of Tire Slitting Designs."
April 2011: NPG awarded patent no. 7931210 "Tire Tread Railroad Tie."  This adds to NPG's patent portfolio which
already includes patent no. 5996901.
February 2011:  NPG and RIT awarded tire tread processing improvement grant by State of New York Department of
Economic Development.
March 2010: NPG team travels to New Delhi, India to discuss TireTie opportunies in India.
January 2010: NPG ships 10 engineering rail ties to India for RDSO evaluation.
December 2009:  NPG ships 210 noise barrier ties to Colorado DOT.
November 2005: NPG delivers NPG designed 2 axis dynamic test machine to RIT for their use to test NPG cross ties.
February 2005: NPG was Awarded a New York State Grant for the further development of the TireTire.
.June 2004: NPG installs 4 engineering test ties on the NYSWR in Lafayette, NY.
Dual Tire Slitter.
NPG in India.
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